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Season 7 Cast Photo

About Us

Preserving the history and integrity of Barney the Dinosaur!

Barney History Fans, founded in 2021 is dedicated towards preserving the history and integrity of Barney the Dinosaur. Our mission is to promote kindness, love, and friendship as taught by Barney for over thirty years. Our multi-media approach towards fulfilling our mission is coupled with videos, blogs, never before seen photos, podcasts, and more. Our community is a safe space where fans, cast, and crew from Barney can congregate to reminisce about Barney's past and to stay informed about his future. We've received national and international recognition for our mission. Barney History Fans has been quoted in The New Yorker, CNN, People Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Daily Mail, among other publications. We hope that new and old fans will join us on this purple filled journey of love!

Meet the Team

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