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Barney is BACK and crashes complex con!

Andrew Olsen, co-founder of Barney History Fans, had an exhilarating experience at ComplexCon in Long Beach, California. The beloved OG Barney the Dinosaur made a long-awaited return to North America after nearly five years of absence, captivating fans with his presence.

The convention was abuzz with excitement as the renowned designer brand, Emotionally Unavailable, unveiled their exclusive line of 90s-inspired Barney merchandise. This nostalgic collection became an instant hit among attendees, sparking an overwhelming wave of positive reactions.

Barney's reappearance at ComplexCon was nothing short of a sensation, stealing the spotlight and marking what could easily be considered the franchise's most significant weekend in over a decade.

Join Andrew Olsen through his vlog as he immerses you in the vibrant atmosphere of ComplexCon and shares his unforgettable encounter with the iconic Barney the Dinosaur!

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